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5 x V-Hub8 Loggers supplied and stored in a charging tray.

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5x V-Hub in a charging tray

Part of the EasyCart range, this tray contains 5x V-Hub8 which are all charged at the same time, using the built-in power supply.


Vision is supplied with
EasySense V-Hub8 works with the entire SmartQ sensor range, providing low-cost four channel wired (USB) and wireless (Bluetooth & Wi-Fi) data capture.

With a built-in rechargable battery, V-Hub8 powers all of the sensors. Classroom management is simplifed, as only the V-Hub8 needs re-charging!

The V-Hub8 is small and light, it can be mounted on a retort stand along with the experiment apparatus, using the mounting rod supplied.




Vision is supplied with
Key Features
  • 4 SmartQ sensor inputs
  • 4 Built-in Sensors
    • Light
    • Sound
    • Humidity
    • Air Pressure
  • Graphical display
  • Fast logging mode (50,000 samples per second)
  • Accurate digital timing mode (4 microseconds)
  • Built-in battery, USB rechargeable
  • USB & Bluetooth connectivity
  • Optional Wi-Fi module 


Built-in sensors: Light, Sound, Humidity & Air Pressure
5x (2509A) V-Hub8 USB, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi
5x (3021) USB Leads
10x (3004) Short Sensor Leads - 150 mm
10x (3005) Long Sensor Leads - 1.5 m
5x (3023) Mounting Rods
1x (2502) Gratnell Charging Tray for 5x V-Hub
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5x EasySense V-Hub8 USB, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi + Charging Tray 5x EasySense V-Hub8 USB, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi + Charging Tray 5x EasySense V-Hub8 USB, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi + Charging Tray
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