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5 x VISION Data Loggers supplied in a charging tray with power supply.

Save 10% by purchasing a 5 pack.

Special offer: includes a free Charging Tray.

5x VISION in a charging tray

Part of the EasyCart range, this tray contains 5x VISION which are all charged at the same time, using the built-in power supply.

Standalone - without a PC
VISION offers many new and exciting features including a full colour high resolution LCD touch screen. The graphing and analysis tools, normally only found on the PC are now built-in. VISION can even print out the graph (to most HP PCL Printer) VISION is truly a stand-alone data logger and analysis tool.
VISION has a large user memory for storing data files. Captured data can be transferred to a PC either by direct USB connection, or via a Pen Drive.
Tip. At the end of a lesson students can save their data to a pen drive and transfer it back to a school PC or take it home to analyse and write reports on their own PC.

With a Projector

Simply plug VISION into a Projector (or monitor) and it automatically switches from the built-in LCD to the connected display.

This is absolutely essential in a classroom setting, required whenever you need to:

  • Present a teacher led demonstration to a class of students
  • Introduce an experiment to the class
  • Share captured data from one group with the whole class
  • Provide training on how to use VISION


When using VISION connected to a display, we recommend the use of a USB Mouse

With a PC

Connect VISION to a PC, and you can:

  • Use as an interface controlled from the PC. Great for whole class demonstrations
  • Captured data can be transferred to the PC and opened directly into the PC EasySense software.
  • Workroom setup files can be transferred to & from VISION.
  • Use Windows Explorer to manage VISION’s storage area - Delete, Copy, etc.
VISION to PC connection is simple and straight forward:
  • Connect VISION to the PC using the supplied USB cable.
  • VISION will appear as a removable storage device (No drivers required).
  • Use Windows Explorer to drag and drop files between your PC and Vision


  • 4 SmartQ sensor inputs compatible with all SmartQ sensors
  • 2 SmartQ Digital inputs used as A & B for Time / Velocity & Acceleration experiments.

  • USB Client : Mouse, Keyboard, Memory Stick, Powered USB Hub, Printers etc.
  • USB Host : Connect to a PC to run in interface mode and to transfer remote data
  • VGA Connection : Connect to a Projector or Monitor for whole class activities

Teaching Materials
Supplied with over 500 built-in setup files matching our eBook Teaching Materials



5x (2020A) VISION USB (2x Stylus)
5x (3008) USB Leads
5x (5009) UK 5V Power Supplies
10x (3004) Short Sensor Leads – 150 mm
10x (3005) Long Sensor Leads – 1.5 m
1x (2039) Charging Tray for 5x VISION
Free Download EasySense Software

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5x EasySense VISION USB + Charging Tray 5x EasySense VISION USB + Charging Tray 5x EasySense VISION USB + Charging Tray 5x EasySense VISION USB + Charging Tray 5x EasySense VISION USB + Charging Tray
IOP - Logging with a self-contained unit

Alongside the logger, once paired with the Dynamics system (see separate review), you have a very powerful system for teaching a wide range of Physics.

4.8/5 Star review by John Kinchin from the Institute of Physics.


Highly rated 5 Stars
Order No. : 100400

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