Dynamics System & Accessories

The teaching of kinematics is an essential part of any Physics curriculum.  The Dynamics System ensures very accurate, repeatable results. 

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Dynamics Extension Kit 1
This is the extension to the Dynamics System and contains extra kit that is required for the investigations suggested in part two of the Dynamics system manual. Special Offer Ends 22nd Decembe...
Order No. 3801
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Dynamics System
This self-assembled, matt black anodized 1.2 m aluminium incline track and support pillar comes with a low friction cart with its interrupt card and various brackets to form a high quality modular dyn...
Order No. 3800
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Motion Pack (Velocity & Acceleration)
Special Offer - Dynamics, Motion Pack ideal for acceleration and velocity activities. Sale closes at the end of February 2018  
Order No. MVA001
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Dynamics Cart
Additional Cart for the Dynamics System.
Order No. 3821
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Interrupt Card Set
The Interrupt card set consists of 3 interrupt cards.
Order No. 3803
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