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This adaptor is used in combination with a pH electrode to form the immensely popular pH sensor.

The Smart Q pH sensor has both a pre-set calibration range (so the sensor is ready for immediate use in Chemistry or Biology) and a user calibration range.


  • Testing acids and alkalis
  • Acid-Base titrations
  • Acid rain


  • Dissolved Oxygen in water
  • Enzyme action
  • Cell respiration
  • Human respiration
  • Photosynthesis and respiration


  • Water quality

This sensor has two ranges:

  • The Default calibration - the stored pre-set calibration suitable for most experiments.
  • The User calibration – the calibration can be adjusted using the Sensor Config application in the EasySense software to take into account different temperatures (above or below 25°C) or deterioration of an electrode 


0 to 14 pH (Resolution 0.01 pH)

Available Resources

Downloads Electrolyte Data Sheet
Doc No.: 2251 | Issue: 1
Downloads pH Sensor Manual
Doc No.: DS026 | Issue: 4

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pH Adaptor pH Adaptor pH Adaptor pH Adaptor pH Adaptor pH Adaptor pH Adaptor pH Adaptor


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