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Broad bandwidth RF detector frequency range 50 MHz to 3 GHz. Suitable for measuring RF from Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, microwave ovens and mobile phones. 

While the detector does not distinguish the frequency of the RF source, some discrimination of frequency can be achieved with design of the antenna.

The RF Electrosmog sensor is fitted with a female F - type connector allowing the user to make and attach antennae that are more specifically tuned to a particular frequency.

Student holding electrosmog in the air outside
Teaching applications:
  • Measuring background rf
  • Looking at broadcast rf patterns
  • Calculating wavelength
  • Faraday’s cage
Extension and advanced ideas:
  • Antenna design
  • Mapping rf in a location
  • Inverse law for radiation


-60 to 0 dBm, 0 to 6 V/m, 0 to 100%

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Downloads RF Electrosmog
Doc No.: DS096 | Issue: 2
Order No. : 3159

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