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Wireless Smart Dynamics System

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The new Bluetooth compatible carts and force sensor offers incredible results directly to your laptop, tablet or phone!



  • The Smart Dynamics System contains two wireless carts that synchronise data to the EasySense II Software.
  • The 1.2m aluminium track provides a at smooth base for the low friction carts to operate on.
  • Each cart has a built-in, spring loaded, 3 stop plunger to provide a graded set of constant forces.
  • A retort stand can be attached to convert the track to an inclined plane.
  • Each cart is Bluetooth compatible and records, movement, velocity & acceleration data.
  • Each carts built-in battery is recharged via USB (using the cable supplied).


Optionally a Smart Force Sensor may be attached to a cart to enable the measurement of Momentum, Collision & Impulse.


  • 2x Wireless Carts (Bluetooth)
  • 1x 1.2m Aluminium track
  • 2x Adjustable end stops
  • 2x Levelling feet
  • 1x Retort stand adaptor
  • 1x Accessory pack (springs, bumpers & bolts etc.)

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Wireless Smart Dynamics System Wireless Smart Dynamics System
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