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Build, Program (Code) & Control with this engaging Robotics set aimed at students aged 10-18 years.

(KX79484 is the UK/EU version of 79100)


Download the Software and Instructions from HERE





With the supplied programmng software, students can design and build fully-functioning models using coding to bring them to life. Test and debug in real time before downloading the completed programs into the models.

(Each Robot model supports 2-3 students working as a team)


  • Walking Robot
  • Line Chaser
  • Search & Rescue
  • Ball Factory
  • Stryder Insect
  • Airplane
  • Basketball Hoop Game
  • T-Rex Car
  • Robot Dog
A complete STEM solution

Includes everything required to teach STEM through robotics design & programming:

  • 800 x K'NEX Parts
  • 1 x Control Inteface (mains or battery operated)
  • 4 x Motors
  • 1 x Distance Sensor
  • 1 x Push Button Sensor
  • 1 x Colour & Light Sensor
  • 1 x LED Outputs (Tri-Colour)
  • 1 x Built-in Microphone
  • 1 x Built-in Speaker
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x Mains Power Supply
  • 1 x PC Control Software (Site Licence) - Download from HERE
  • 1 x Build Instructions - Download from HERE
  • 1 x Guide & Student Worksheets - Download from HERE


Programming Software

The Robotics set includes a full site licence of the PC Robotics Programming Software.

Use the low-threshold, high ceiling, industry standard flowchart based programming language to program, test and debug and of the 9 supplied model designs, or create and code your own robots!

Finished code is compiled and downloaded into the interface, for completely independent, free standing robots!

Connection between the PC and the model is via USB or go wire-free with the optional Wi-Fi add-on module.

Wireless Option

In addition to the built-in USB connection, optionally add a Wi-Fi module, for remote control!

Connect to an existing school network, or the K’NEX Controller can create its own. Program, control and receive feedback (for debugging) without wires.



With both direction and speed control, the built-in encoder returns distance and rotation information

Use motor positional feedback and the colour sensor to carefully program the line chaser model to follow different colour lines 



Distance Sensor
Distance Sensor

Detect objects from 12cm to 3m

Detect the altitude of the Airplane model to trigger raising and lowering of the undercarriage


Light & colour Sensor
Light & Colour Sensor

Use the dual Light Sensor to detect and compare reflected light levels.

Use the Light Sensor to determine which way to turn the line chaser model to stay on-the-line

Additionally, the Light Sensor may be used to detect the colour of objects.

Program the Ball Factory to pass Green and Yellow balls, but recect Red ones!


Push Button Sensor
Push Button Sensor

A digital on/off sensor

Program the arm on the Ball Factory to stop and open the jaws at exactly the correct stop position.


Tricolour L.E.D

Three L.E.D colour output.

On the Ball Factory, use Red to warn of 'danger machine operating' and Green when it is safe to approach.


Graphical L.C.D Display

Select and run / stop programs and change settings. Program to display custom graphics as part of the control program.

Use custom graphics to show the Robot's heart beat!


Sound Sensor (built-in)

Measure sound levels.

Make the model react to noise.


Speaker (built-in)

Play back sound samples.

Use real Airplane sounds!


800x K'NEX Pieces
1x Control Interface USB & Power Supply
4x Motors
1x Distance Sensor
1x Push Button Sensor
1x Colour & Light Sensor
1x LED Output (Tri-colour)
1x Built-in Microphone
1x Built-in Speaker
1x USB Cable
Free Download - Control Software
User Guide, Build Instructions & Student Worksheets

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STEM - K'NEX Education Robotics STEM - K'NEX Education Robotics STEM - K'NEX Education Robotics STEM - K'NEX Education Robotics STEM - K'NEX Education Robotics STEM - K'NEX Education Robotics STEM - K'NEX Education Robotics STEM - K'NEX Education Robotics STEM - K'NEX Education Robotics STEM - K'NEX Education Robotics
K'NEX Robotics helps bring our curriculum alive

K'NEX Robotics helps bring our curriculum alive helping children with problem solving, reasoning and logical skills and give them options to develop as people.

John O'Shea Head of Computing St Mary's Catholic School

Perfect for STEM learning in schools, clubs and at home.

This kit has huge potential for learning and fun: clear, easy-to-follow instructions for building, for downloading the software and for using the software. The flowchart programming language is intuitive and easy to get started with. Another fantastic exciting and educational STEM kit from K'NEX. Highly recommended!

Review by Ann Larkham, K’NEXT Generation

K'NEX Robotics Dog Model - Our Experience

We're really enjoying the K'Nex Robotics Kit as a great option for learning about robotics at home. Definitely worth considering for kids who are interested in robotics and want to develop their knowledge.

Tech Age Kids

K'Nex Robotics Review - Build and Program Big Robots!

K'NEX is great for building fairly big robots in an reasonable amount of time. We love the way the models enable multiple people to get involved in the building. This works really well for siblings or a family activity as well as at clubs or in the classroom. The models are fantastic with plenty of variety. They definitely appealed to my kids.

Tech Age Kids

Highly rated 5 Stars
Order No. : KX79484

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