ASE Workshop Free Curriculum Sheets - Day 6

ASE Workshop Free Curriculum Sheets - Day 6

Publication Date: December 17th 2014

Day 6 of our buildup to the 2015 ASE workshops and conference.

Workshop Details - SESSION 6: Meet the new generation of electronic microscopes.

Digital microscopes will enhance individual and group working.

Open up a new world of looking at the tiny or the detail of something big.

More versatile than you imagine, this is not microscopy as you know it, its different, it's 3D and it’s exciting.

With digital imaging you can:

  • Publish.
  • Share.
  • Assess
  • Prove the work has been completed.
  • Take time lapse video.

This is a new tool for microscopy and life science teaching.

Highlighting the differences from traditional microscopy, advantages of new digital and also disadvantages.

Investigations resource: Biology Investigations Book

Please use the links below to download your free resources

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Bring your own device, phone or tablet and use a Wi-Fi microscope.



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