Physics Equipment Sale

Physics Equipment Sale

Publication Date: May 05th 2016

Save 15% off selected Physics products (whilst stocks last).

Capacitor investigations - Was £44, Now £37.40

This apparatus provides a self-contained unit to enable students to study the charge and discharge characteristics of a capacitor. A favourite practical of A level physics made easy.

Product Link: Capacitor Investigations

Resistance Selector - Was £44, Now £37.40

A substitution unit that uses a single rotary switch to select from 12 values of resistors. Values are 100, 330, 470. 680, 1 k, 3.3 k, 4.7 k, 6.8 k, 10 k, 33 k, 47 k and 100 k.

Product Link: Resistance Selector

Thermal Induction - Was £35, Now £29.75

Study conduction of heat and calculate the coefficient of heat conduction for a variety of materials.

Product Link: Thermal Conduction

Super-C Capacitor - Was £20, Now £17.00

The Super-C is modern high capacity 10 F capacitor mounted on a board with circuit protection and charge indication.

Product Link: Super-C Capacitor

Thermo - Power - Was £18, Now £15.30

Thermo - Power is an accessory for Genecon V3 which converts the electrical energy from the hand generator to heat.

Product Link: Thermo-power

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