Robotics with scratch now available

Robotics with scratch now available

Publication Date: June 26th 2017

Robotics with Scratch

"Build, Program (Code) & Control with this engaging Robotics set aimed at students aged 10-18 years.

This amazing set builds any one of thirteen different robots. Connect the K’NEX Control Interface to the PC, program and test in real time.

Supplied with a progressive Flowchart programming language, suitable for everything from simple beginner programs to complex multi-threaded algorithms.

Also supplied is the Scratch Bridge app, allowing the hugely popular Scratch program to break free of the screen, and be used to program real robots!

Introductory Starter Models:

  • Pirate Boat
  • Jet Ride
  • Truck
  • Dual Elevators


  • Robot Walking
  • Robot Line Chaser
  • Search & Rescue Ball Factory
  • Stryder
  • Insect
  • Airplane
  • Basketball Hoop Game
  • T-Rex Car
  • Robot Dog

Includes everything required to teach STEM through robotics design & programming.


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