V-Hub: Available Now

V-Hub: Available Now

Publication Date: July 04th 2017

Introducing V-Hub

"Secondary Science Data Logging Classroom based data capture using wireless technology"

EasySense V-Hub works with the entire SmartQ sensor range, providing a low-cost four channel wired (USB) and wireless (Bluetooth) data capture.

V-Hub is available with various options for Wi-Fi connectivity and built-in sensors.

The V-Hub4 is small and light, it can be mounted on a retort stand along with the experiment apparatus, using the mounting rod supplied.

Key Features - V-Hub4  | Starting at only £135
  • 4 SmartQ sensor inputs
  • Graphical display
  • Fast logging mode (50,000 samples per second)
  • Accurate digital timing mode (4 microseconds)
  • Built-in battery, USB rechargeable
  • USB & Bluetooth connectivity
  • Optional Wi-Fi module 

V-Hub Range

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