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Monitoring Carbon Dioxide in your classroom
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Article: British Science Week Slippery Slopes

Fun With Science

This FREE downloadable teachers’ resource based upon the British Science Week activity Slippery Slopes and offers users of data logging such as our Vu+ to use their existing loggers with the relevant British Science Week activity.

This is the second of two articles related to the British Science Week which is being held on March 8th - 17th and is a ten-day celebration of science, technology, engineering and maths.

This resource is great for introductory data logging and investigates what changes the speed of a simple cart going down a ramp.

This year theme is based around 'journeys' and a number of activity packs have been released designed to provide easy-to-do, hands-on activities that parents and teachers can easily run with their students and children.

Our fun worksheet is available here to download and use in your classroom activities as needed.


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