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Go Software Discontinued
Tags: Go Software Discontinued

Article: Go Software Discontinued


Unfortunately, the Go Control software and all associated ACE's are no longer supported via the latest Windows operating systems. 

Although we have continued to support the Go Control software beyond the end of Microsoft and Adobe's product lifespans for new and existing users; the limitations of the supported software's has led to this decision and therefore we have now stopped developing and supporting this product in full.

The 'Go Control' software was developed on the Microsoft .NET framework and support for this framework by Microsoft stopped in 2019. The ACE's that are used as additional control environments were developed using the Adobe flash format that is also no longer supported by Adobe as of 2020.

Over the next 12 months we will continue to support all FlowGo & Learn&Go hardware products. It should be noted that as of January 2022 support for these products will no longer be available. Product repairs may be possible beyond this date if components are available.Please contact our support departments before returning items for repair.