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Article: Lielvarde UNIMAT CUP 2019 Latvia


Data Harvest were please to support and sponsor the UNIMAT CUP 2019 competition in Latvia in April 2019, where Lielvarde Primary School won 1st place out of 7 teams from different participating Latvian schools.

The main task was to produce racing-like models from one A4 plywood sheet, within three hours and to race the cars down a two-meter-long track three times.

At the end of the race, the car's design, quality of execution and assembly, as well as the speed of the runway on a special track were evaluated.

The time and speed measurements were taken using the Data Harvest Light Gates and the V-Log Data Logger to ensure reliable and repeatable results of the model construction and to mathematically find the winners.

We would like to congratulate all 7 teams for their excellent designs and the winners Lielvarde Primary School.


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