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Article: Physics Regional Teacher Day


On Saturday 29th February 2020 Data Harvest attended the first annual Institute of Physics Regional Teacher Day at The Abingdon School, Oxfordshire. Data Harvest is continuing to support the work of The Institute of Physics in the development of educational technologies.

The day was designed to inspire teaching, upgrade and develop practical physics skills and present new ideas and suggestions to incorporate into teachers’ toolkit.

This year there was a range of workshops for delegates to choose from throughout the day and the opportunity to visit Exhibitor stands. We were exhibiting our latest range of rechargeable wireless sensors and data loggers and there was a chance to get hands-on with our brand-new software/App, EasySense2, which is free to download on any device.

We thoroughly enjoy these events with The Institute of Physics and look forward to the next upcoming day which will be on Saturday 7th March in Canterbury 2020 where we will be running a workshop on Data-Logging for required Practicals. Follow the link below for the next event and we hope to see you there.