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Primary Data Logging Resources
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Article: Primary Data Logging Resources


Children learn more quickly when fully engaged; data logging experiments encourage children to raise further questions through science based investigations.

Did you know that we have put together a primary learning resources that's designed specifically for teachers to learn how to use a data logger in the primary classroom?

Our external website is called Learn STEM and focuses on STEM related subjects such as Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths; the websites primary focus on science data logging and specifically the Vu+ data logger and the Free EasySense Software.

The Learn STEM resource is structured in to short CPD courses and the data logging course is packed with easy to follow 1 minute videos that last a total of just 40 mins, the entire course takes you through the basics of getting started to more complex activities, with just a little knowledge you can event begin to create your own lesson plans.

At the end of the course you are presented with 10 multiple choice questions from what you have learnt and if answered correctly you are presented with a printable certificate of your achievement.

Head over the to website so you can quickly learn how to implement data logging in your primary science lesson plans.

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