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A complete Primary Data Logging class set.


Vu data loggers
5x Vu+ Data Loggers:

The low cost primary data logging solution. With a large easy to read display that shows data as pictograms, blocks and bars. Vu+ is a new generation logger and software package that grows with the children, it never gets left behind and offers exceptional value for money.


Vu Temperature Sensor
10x Vu Temperature Sensors

This general-purpose Temperature sensor is the most commonly used sensor in the range. It can accurately measure the temperature of air, water, soil and weak acidic solutions.


Heart Rate Sensor
5x Vu Heart Rate Sensors

Pupils of all ages are keenly interested in how physical and mental stress affects their heart rate. The sensing clip (pleth) can be attached to a finger or ear lobe to measure either blood flow (pulse waveform) or heart rate (beats per minute).


Vu Timing Ramp Set
1x Vu Timing Ramp Set

This exciting addition to the Vu+ data logger gives a low cost complete solution to allow students to study time, speed and the effect of friction.


Vu Timing Mats
1x Vu Timing Mats

A pack of 2 door mat sized Timing mats digital switch-type sensors


Vu Power House
1x Vu Power House

With this power house you can explore alternative energy and sustainable living. Build the house and then conduct the 100 activities centred in and around the house.


Vu Storage Cart
1x Vu Storage Cart & Charging Tray

This useful mobile 3 tray (with lids) cart. The first tray holds and charges the Vu+. The other two trays are for the Vu Sensors.




5x (2305A) Vu+ USB & Bluetooth
Built-in sensors: Light, Temperature, Sound
5x (2327) Plug-in Heart Rate Sensors
1x (2340) Vu Timing Ramp Set
1x (100200) Vu Power House
1x (2332PK) 2x Timing Mats
10x (2320) Plug-in Vu Temperature Sensors
5x (3021) USB Leads
1x (100422) Gratnell Storage Cart
2x (100416) Gratnell Storage Trays (with lids)
1x (2302) Vu+ Charging Tray (with lid)
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Available Resources

Downloads Vu+ User Guide
Doc No.: DS147 | Issue: 2
Downloads Vu+ Reference Manual
Doc No.: D0255 | Issue: 2
Investigation Primary Data Logging

If your school is serious about improving children’s science investigation skills then data logging will certainly help with this process. It’s fairly inexpensive, easy to use and robust when using outside of class so can cope if little hands do drop the unit.

Maggie Morrissey - Experienced primary science and technology coordinator.

Highly rated 5 Stars
Order No. : 23051PK

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