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6 in 1 Solar Kit (Pack of 36)

The 6 in 1 Educational solar kit is a fun way to introduce solar power and renewable energy! It is a self-assembly kit of 21 snap together parts which can be built into six different working models that demonstrate the use of solar energy in an engaging way

A photovoltaic panel powers a miniature electric motor to make the models work; no batteries are required. The kit is suitable for children aged 10 upwards with little or no experience.

The six models are:

  • Solar windmill
  • Solar revolving plane
  • Solar airboat
  • Solar plane
  • Solar car
  • Solar puppy

Only ordinary scissors are required to easily separate the plastic moulded parts, and no tools or glue is required for assembly.

In direct sunlight the models work really well. 

They will also work indoors under a tungsten halogen desk lamp, but not under fluorescent or low energy lights.

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6 in 1 Solar Kit (Pack of 36)
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