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The FREE EasySense software brings many features and its versatility transforms the whole data logging experience.




  • EasyLog, continuous recording, displayed in a Graph and a Table.
  • Multiple sensors on the same graph.
  • Recording wizards guide the user through setting up a recording
  • Analysis tools include
    • Values
    • Interval
    • Gradient
    • Area
  • Display tools include Channel selection, Auto scale, Zoom
  • Data can be exported direct to a spreadsheet
  • Graph copied as an image to other apps.
  • Retrieve remotely captured data from EasySense Data Loggers

EasySense software, with a multi-user licence, is a free download. No more site licences required!

Compatible with:

  • EasySense Vu & Vu+ Data Loggers (USB)
  • EasySense VISION range of Data Loggers (USB)
  • EasySense V-Log range of Data Loggers (USB)
  • EasySense V-Hub Interface (USB)

Data files are compatible with the free EasySense PC, iPad & Android Software.

Available Resources

Downloads EasySense OS X Quick Start Guide
Doc No.: DS131 | Issue: 4
App EasySense Software OS X
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Version 1.02 Languages:
  • English

In this release:

  • Add feature to select and copy data from the table of numbers.
In the last release: Support for VISION & V-Log Data Loggers.



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 EasySense Software OS X  EasySense Software OS X
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