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Free teaching materials for primary students based around the Vu Data Logger.

The activities have been organised by age suitability. The exercises sometimes repeat over age bands to take into account the learning that takes place. 

Section one are outlines of exercises that match specific learning objectives or targets. 

Section two are activities that have been expanded to work over a set of lessons or for a project. 

Section three includes some resources that have come to our attention and may be useful in planning science investigations or Datalogging activities. 

Section one
1. Exploring numbers.
2. Does light shine through everything?
3. How much?
4. How dark is a shadow?
5. Noise, more or less?
6. Noise, making it quiet
7. Noise or sounds?
8. What changes when we exercise?
9. What’s different?
10. How many?
11. Light and dark?
12. Cold or Hot?
13. Where is it cold and hot?
14. Speedy cars?
15. How many?
16. What are shadows?
17. Light, dark and somewhere in between.
18. Why is it different over here?
19. What happens when I am not there?
20. How does heat move around?
21. Conduction of heat
22. Speedy cars, what stops them going faster?
23. How does exercise change us?
24. Pulses, what is normal?
25. Pulses, who is fit?
26. How does temperature change as you heat water?
27. Reducing noise – distance
28. Reducing noise – muffling
29. Decay.
30. Reactions.
31. Long wires less light?
32. Light to electricity.

Section two 
1. Hops and jumps. 
2. What shall I wear today? 
3. Are your hands warmer than mine? 
4. Making ears. 
5. Bug alert.
6. Goldilocks.
7. Keeping warm.
8. Fruity electric.

Section three

1. My planning sheet – early primary.
2. Our planning sheet – early primary.
3. Activity cue cards.
4. Self teach guide.

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