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With this power house you can explore alternative energy and sustainable living. Build the house and then conduct the 100 activities centred in and around the house.

The Power House kit includes:

  • Power house polystyrene parts (that need to be assembled)
  • Solar cell
  • Solar motor and propeller
  • Thermometer
  • Solar collector
  • Die-cut and cut-out sheets
  • Lid, dowels, LED, solarium cover, connecting wire, fastening clips, and lots more.

A 64 page booklet describes the activities and gives background science to understand the work.

Connect the included solar panels to the Vu logger Voltage sensor (supplied) and see how much electricity is made.

Use the Vu Temperature sensor (supplied with the Vu logger) to measure the heat gain and loss of the house over time.

You can even grow plants in the green house!

The Power House is recommended for students aged 10+ years.

The Vu Voltage sensor measures the voltage across any component for DC low voltage circuits from 0 to 3 V. The 4 mm plugs attach to most of the standard available electronic kits, or the crocodile clips (supplied) can be used to connect to bare wires.

Contents of the experimental manual:
  • Polystyrene foam construction material
  • Cold, warmer, hot
  • Project Power house
  • Heat- familiar yet mysterious
  • The sun as heat dispenser
  • There is something in the air
  • Water, salt and rain
  • Great climate
  • Light and heat from the sun
  • Electricity from solar energy
  • Energy from wind
  • Tricks that plants use


1x (TAK0001) Power House
1x (2325) Vu Voltage Sensor

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