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A pack of 2 Push button digital switch-type sensors that have two states, ON and OFF. These are push-to-make switches fitted with a red LED to give a visual indication of the switch's state.


  • Reaction Time Game
  • Counting objects (traffic, people, animals, etc.)
  • Measure speed (cars, people, etc.)
  • Record the differences in time taken to walk, run or hop over the same distance.
  • Record the time taken by a vehicle to pass from one point to another
  • Introducing the idea of the computer acting as a stopwatch e.g. starting and stopping timing.
  • Introducing the fact that speed can be calculated directly if the distance between the start and finish line is used


2x (2331) Vu Push Button Switches

Available Resources

Downloads VU Push Button Switch Sensor Manual
Doc No.: DS122 | Issue: 1
Vu Primary Data Logger - ASE Evaluated

If you have not yet invested in a set of data loggers then the EasySense Vu offers a good solution. The ASE

Highly rated 5 Stars
Order No. : 2331PK

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