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A pack of 2 door mat sized Timing mats (720mm x 390mm) digital switch-type sensors 

These large mats are activated by stepping onto them; one mat is used to start the timer, the other to stop the timer.

Teaching applications:

  • How long can I stay in the air when I jump?
  • How fast can I hop, walk, and run?
  • How many jumps can I do in a minute?


2 x Timing Mats

Available Resources

Downloads VU Timing Mats Sensor Manual
Doc No.: DS124 | Issue: 2

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2x Vu Timing Mats
Vu Primary Data Logger - ASE Evaluated

If you have not yet invested in a set of data loggers then the EasySense Vu offers a good solution. The ASE

Highly rated 5 Stars
Order No. : 2332PK

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