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For use with all VISION models and PC Windows

Plug this adaptor into your VISION Data Logger, to add Bluetooth functionality.

Use the same adaptor on a Windows PC (7 or above) to enable Bluetooth connections to VISION, V-Hub & Vu+


  • if you wish to connect a Windows PC to a VISION, you will need two of these adaptors, one for the PC and one for the VISION.
  • If you wish to connect a Windows PC to a V-Hub or Vu+, you will only need one adaptor for the PC, as Bluetooth is built into these loggers.

Please note: Whenever any EasySense logger is to be Bluetooth connected to a PC, an adaptor will be required for the PC. Due to hardware inconsistencies, the EasySense software is unable to work with any built-in Bluetooth the PC may contain.


For use with all VISION models and PC Windows (7 or higher)

Available Resources

Downloads Bluetooth Smart Adaptor Manual
Doc No.: ds146 | Issue: 3
Downloads Windows BLE Driver
Doc No.: BLED112 | Issue: 1

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Bluetooth Smart USB Adaptor
Order No. : 2070

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