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This robust, portable, remote Data Logger, with a screen display, has 3 built-in sensors: Sound, Light level and Temperature with 2 plug-in sensor sockets (compatible with all SmartQ sensors). Connection to a computer is via USB.

EasySense Q3 Data logger:
See the Q3+ Pack - for a complete solution, including 2 plug-in temperature sensors, mains power supply and a storage case. Everything you need in one pack!

Kid Knex kx79580
  • Light in Lux (lx) – 3 ranges
  • Sound in decibels (dBA)
  • Analogue resolution (ADC) 10 bit/1mV
  • Temperature in Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F)
  • Auto identifies SmartQ sensors
  • Auto calibrates SmartQ sensors
  • Advanced power management – fast charge mode
  • Internal re-chargeable Lithium Ion batteries

Available Resources

Downloads Q3 & Q5 Manual
Doc No.: DO185 | Issue: 4
Downloads Q3 Firmware Update English Welsh
Doc No.: 403x | Issue: 3.2
Downloads Q3 Firmware Update English
Doc No.: 403x | Issue: 3.2

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Q3+ (USB) Q3+ (USB) Q3+ (USB) Q3+ (USB) Q3+ (USB) Q3+ (USB) Q3+ (USB) Q3+ (USB)

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