Data Loggers

With USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options, alongside our FREE EasySense software for PC Windows, Mac OS, iPad iOS, Android & Chromebooks (that support Android Apps), we offer a versatile yet simple solution that will cover all of your data logging requirements.

The range:
  • VISION : The all in one logger, with a built-in Colour Touch Screen (optional Wi-Fi)
  • V-Log4 : The all round USB, 4 sensor remote data logger. (optional Wi-Fi)
  • V-Log8 : All the features of V-Log4 plus 4 built-in sensors.
  • V-Hub4 : Amazingly low cost USB & Bluetooth, 4 sensor interface  (optional Wi-Fi)
  • V-Hub8 : All the features of V-Hub4 plus 4 built-in sensors.
  • Accessories : Data logging accessories.

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