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5 x VISION Data Loggers supplied in a charging tray with power supply.

5x VISION in a charging tray

Part of the EasyCart range, this tray contains 5x VISION which are all charged at the same time, using the built-in power supply.



Standalone - without a PC
VISION offers many new and exciting features including a full colour high resolution LCD touch screen. The graphing and analysis tools, normally only found on the PC are now built-in. VISION can even print out the graph (to most HP PCL Printer) VISION is truly a stand-alone data logger and analysis tool.
VISION has a large user memory for storing data files. Captured data can be transferred to a PC either by direct USB connection, or via a Pen Drive.
Tip. At the end of a lesson students can save their data to a pen drive and transfer it back to a school PC or take it home to analyse and write reports on their own PC.

With a Projector

Simply plug VISION into a Projector (or monitor) and it automatically switches from the built-in LCD to the connected display.

This is absolutely essential in a classroom setting, required whenever you need to:

  • Present a teacher led demonstration to a class of students
  • Introduce an experiment to the class
  • Share captured data from one group with the whole class
  • Provide training on how to use VISION


When using VISION connected to a display, we recommend the use of a USB Mouse

With a PC

Connect VISION to a PC, and you can:

  • Use as an interface controlled from the PC. Great for whole class demonstrations
  • Captured data can be transferred to the PC and opened directly into the PC EasySense software.
  • Workroom setup files can be transferred to & from VISION.
  • Use Windows Explorer to manage VISION’s storage area - Delete, Copy, etc.
VISION to PC connection is simple and straight forward:
  • Connect VISION to the PC using the supplied USB cable.
  • VISION will appear as a removable storage device (No drivers required).
  • Use Windows Explorer to drag and drop files between your PC and Vision
With an Apple or Android Tablet or Phone
(USB Bluetooth Dongle required)

Capture and wirelessly transmit the data using a plug-in Bluetooth dongle.

Collaborative Learning: Student groups work together to plan and capture experiment data. Throughout the capture, each student receives live data on their own Tablet or Phone. Post experiment, working independently, students can save, analyse, reach conclusions and write reports.

The EasySense iOS & Android software is available free of charge from the Apple App Store and google Play store.

  • Realtime recording
  • Group collaboration (multiple devices sharing via the school Wi-Fi network)
  • Multiple sensors
  • Overlay mode (repeat experiments)
  • Fast recording (50,000 per second)
  • 14 days remote recording (using VISION stand alone mode)
  • Store data on the device and in the cloud
  • eMail data to other devices
  • Compatible with PC EasySense software (free)
  • Analysis tools




  • 4 SmartQ sensor inputs compatible with all SmartQ sensors
  • 2 SmartQ Digital inputs used as A & B for Time / Velocity & Acceleration experiments.

  • USB Client : Mouse, Keyboard, Memory Stick, Powered USB Hub, Printers etc.
  • USB Host : Connect to a PC to run in interface mode and to transfer remote data
  • VGA Connection : Connect to a Projector or Monitor for whole class activities

Teaching Materials
Supplied with over 500 built-in setup files matching our eBook Teaching Materials



5x (2020A) VISION USB (2x Stylus)
5x (3008) USB Leads
5x (5009) UK 5V Power Supplies
10x (3004) Short Sensor Leads – 150 mm
10x (3005) Long Sensor Leads – 1.5 m
1x (2039) Charging Tray for 5x VISION
Free Download EasySense Software

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5x EasySense VISION + Charging Tray 5x EasySense VISION + Charging Tray 5x EasySense VISION + Charging Tray 5x EasySense VISION + Charging Tray 5x EasySense VISION + Charging Tray
IOP - Logging with a self-contained unit

Alongside the logger, once paired with the Dynamics system (see separate review), you have a very powerful system for teaching a wide range of Physics.

4.8/5 Star review by John Kinchin from the Institute of Physics.


Highly rated 5 Stars
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