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Designed to store and simultaneously re-charge up to 5 VISION / VISION Wi-Fi data loggers, The loggers are conveniently and securely stored within a standard Gratnells tray and lid.

Includes a Gratnells storage tray with lid as part of The Data Harvest EasyCart System.

Power to re-charge all 5 loggers is supplied via a single power supply (included). 

Suitable for anytime charging, circuitry within the loggers will automatically stop charging when they are fully charged. This charging tray is part of the Data Harvest EasyCart range.


Part of the EasyCart range.

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VISION Charging tray VISION Charging tray VISION Charging tray
IOP - Logging with a self-contained unit

Alongside the logger, once paired with the Dynamics system (see separate review), you have a very powerful system for teaching a wide range of Physics.

4.8/5 Star review by John Kinchin from the Institute of Physics.


Highly rated 5 Stars
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