Data Loggers
With USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options, alongside our FREE EasySense software for PC Windows, Mac OS, iPad iOS, Android & Chromebooks (that support Android Apps), we offer a versatile yet simple solution that will cover all of your data logging requirements.

The range:

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EasySense VISION
Now on sale with a massive 25% off! EasySense VISION completely replaces the standard PC & Logger or Interface combination - a huge cost saving! (it can still be used as both a remote data logger...
Order No. 2020
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Bluetooth Smart USB Adaptor
For use with all VISION models and PC Windows
Order No. 2070
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5x EasySense VISION + Charging Tray
Now on sale with a massive 25% off! Save 10% by purchasing a 5 pack and a further 25% saving with our VISION Sale! This product also comes with a FREE Charging Tray 5 x VISION Data Loggers su...
Order No. 100400
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VISION Charging tray
Designed to store and simultaneously re-charge up to 5 VISION / VISION Wi-Fi data loggers, The loggers are conveniently and securely stored within a standard Gratnells tray and lid.
Order No. 2039
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