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A Smart Bluetooth and USB compatible sensor.

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This sensor is both Bluetooth and USB compatible. It can wirelessly connect directly to a PC, Apple Mac, Tablet or Phone.

Use in combination with other Smart Wireless Sensors or loggers in the EasySense range.

The sensor measures compression and extension forces applied perpendicular to the beam. Comes complete with accessories to use with the most common investigations.

Designed to connect to the Wireless Smart Dynamics Cart it can also be used to measure impact forces.

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Teaching applications:
  • Simple harmonic motion in a spring
  • Centripetal force in a pendulum
  • Bungee (impulse, momentum, conservation of energy and resultant forces)
  • Newton’s laws of motion e.g. action and reaction
  • Frictional forces
  • Hooke’s law
  • Resultant forces – static and dynamic
  • Impulse and collisions

Force sensors around a tree
Extension and advance ideas:
  • Changes in the circumference of a tree during a 24 hr period
  • Buoyant force (flotation and resultant forces)
  • Forces and moments in levers
  • Triangle of forces
  • Demonstration balance
  • Muscle fatigue test


1x (1120) Wireless Smart Force Sensor

1x (3021) Mini USB Lead

Sensor Ranges:

Range Name Value Resolution Accuracy
Force -100N to +100N
Force -50N to +50N
Force -10N to +10N

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Wireless Smart Force Sensor Wireless Smart Force Sensor Wireless Smart Force Sensor
Order No. : 1120

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