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This self-assembled, matt black anodized 1.2 m aluminium incline track and support pillar comes with a low friction cart with its interrupt card and various brackets to form a high quality modular dynamics track.

Dynamics System

SmartQ sensors are aligned easily to give reliable, repeatable accurate results.
Designed for use with SmartQ

  • Light Gates
  • Motion sensor
  • Rotary Motion sensor
  • Spoked Pulley
  • Force Sensor
  • Laser module and Light Level sensor
Dynamics System Teaching Materials
Suitable for the following experiments::
  • Motion – Time, Velocity, Acceleration, Friction
  • Newton's 2nd Law
  • Forces
  • Impulse
  • Free fall
  • Atwood's Machine
  • Pendulum


1x 120 cm Aluminium Track
1x 80 cm Vertical Pillar & Base
1x Low Friction Cart
1x Interrupt Card (for top of cart)
1x End Reflector Card
1x Spoked Pulley
Large & Thin Brackets
Bolts, Screws & Wing Nuts
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Available Resources

Downloads Dynamics System Manual
Doc No.: D0155 | Issue: 7
IOP - Making dynamics experiments easy

One of the real joys was being able to carry out experiments that I had not been able to carry out before with any real success. The shear adaptability of the ramp made it very flexible and very easy to adapt to my needs.

5 Star review by John Kinchin from the Institute of Physics.


Acceleration due to g PAG - Best results

We used the light gates for the acceleration due to g PAG and it worked really well and I’m happy to say the Data harvest equipment gave the best result. The dynamics system has found use for the GCSE too.

Andrew Symonds Swanshurst School Brook Lane | Billesley | Birmingham

VISION, Light Gates, Accelerometer, Dynamics

Highly rated 5 Stars
Order No. : 3800

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