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This is the extension to the Dynamics System and contains extra kit that is required for the investigations suggested in part two of the Dynamics system manual.

Dynamics Extension Kit
What's in this kit:
  • Dynamics cart
  • Interrupt card
  • Magnets and holders
  • Springs
  • End reflector card
  • Pendulum bob
  • Slotted mass set
  • Mass retainers
  • Sensor clip
  • Interrupt card set

Dynamics Teaching Materials
Teaching Applications:
  • Motion: Using the spring to roll a cart up a slope
  • Pendulum: Using a Light Gate and simple pendulum
  • Collisions: Inelastic and elastic
  • Collisions: Using Motion sensors, Force sensors and a Light Gate
  • Interference of light investigations (Young’s slit)
  • Collisions: Using a Force Sensor and a Light Gate to investigate crumple zones
  • Simple Harmonic Motion: using 2 Force and a Motion sensor with a cart oscillating horizontally


1x Dynamics Cart
1x Interrupt Card (for top of cart)
2x Magnets & Holders
2x Springs
1x End Reflector Card
1x Pendulum Bob
1x Slotted Mass Set & Retainers
1x Interrupt Card Set

Available Resources

Downloads Dynamics System Manual
Doc No.: D0155 | Issue: 7
IOP - Making dynamics experiments easy

One of the real joys was being able to carry out experiments that I had not been able to carry out before with any real success. The shear adaptability of the ramp made it very flexible and very easy to adapt to my needs.

5 Star review by John Kinchin from the Institute of Physics.


Highly rated 5 Stars
Order No. : 3801

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