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Special Offer - Dynamics, Motion Pack ideal for acceleration and velocity activities.

Sale closes at the end of February 2018


The Dynamics system, EasySense software and the V-Hub data logger give a complete system for motion studies that will stretch across the GCSE and A level teaching year. The system will give the reliability and repeatability to your motion studies that guarantees effective, well paced learning. Every time you get the apparatus out it will perform as planned and give results to match your lesson plans and assessment objectives.

V-Hub is the latest data logger interface and comes with USB and Bluetooth connectivity. With Bluetooth connectivity and the latest EasySense software you can share your data across the classroom in realtime on computers and mobile devices.

Our new Motion pack includes the versatile and popular dynamics system, two light gates and our very latest Bluetooth V-Hub data logging interface.

Motion Pack - Velocity & Acceleration includes:


  • 1 x Dynamics System
  • 1 x V-Hub Data Logging Interface
  • 2 x Light Gates
  • Free Software for Apple iOS & Android, PC Windows & Apple Mac (Download)
  • Teacher activity materials, GCSE & A-Level (Download)

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Motion Pack (Velocity & Acceleration) Motion Pack (Velocity & Acceleration) Motion Pack (Velocity & Acceleration) Motion Pack (Velocity & Acceleration) Motion Pack (Velocity & Acceleration) Motion Pack (Velocity & Acceleration)
Order No. : MVA001

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