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The solar water heater will absorb energy from the sun and rapidly use it to heat water.

This easy to use set includes a solar water heater and digital thermometer in a plastic case. It can be used outdoors in the sun or indoors with a desk lamp. This set can be used as it is or you can add a data logger and Temperature sensor to monitor how long it takes for the water to get hot, and what happens when it’s cloudy. A Light level sensor will record changes in sun conditions so this can be compared with the rise in temperature. 

What comes in this set:
  • Matt black aluminium solar collector clip fin
  • Copper heating tube
  • Digital thermometer with button cell battery
  • Foam insulator block
  • Instructions and activity sheets
  • Plastic heating/storage case
The worksheets provided for this set are:
  • How hot does the water get? (Use 2 x 3100 Temperature sensors and a 3124 Light level sensor)
  • How much energy is captured? (Use a 3100 Temperature sensor)

See also the Alternative Energy complete pack (3474). 


1x Matt Black Aluminium Solar Collector Clip Fin
1x Copper Heating Tube
1x Digital Thermometer
1x Foam Insulating Block
1x Plastic Heating / Storage Case
Activity Sheets

Available Resources

Downloads Alternative Energy Pack
Doc No.: DO156 | Issue: 2

For use with:

  • Solar Water Heater set
  • Solar Photovoltaic set
  • Wind Energy set
  • Alternative Energy pack


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Solar Water Heater Set
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