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This apparatus provides a self-contained unit to enable students to study the charge and discharge characteristics of a capacitor. A favourite practical of A level physics made easy. 

Teaching applications:

Let the student's ability shine through and not be hidden by a tangle of wires, connectors and wrongly chosen components. From opening the box to first results in less than 5 minutes. With everyone in a class using the same apparatus, the potential for group study is very high. Investigate time constants, resistance and time constants, charge stored and energy stored on a capacitor. Quick easy collection of data for those stretch and challenge extensions. Use with a (smoothed or regulated) d.c. power supply or with the LAS0009 Battery pack/supply and 3x 1.5 V cells

This is a special 'data logging version' of Lascalls Capacitor investigation with a lower value fixed resistor (470 ohm) to give a time constant appropriate for data logging (4 seconds). Add a data logger, Voltage and Current sensor and start logging the results.

Available Resources

Downloads Capacitor Investigations
Doc No.: DS114 | Issue: 1
Downloads Capacitor Investigations Manual
Doc No.: 100899 | Issue: 1
Order No. : LAS0001

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