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A Smart Bluetooth and USB compatible sensor.

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This sensor is both Bluetooth and USB compatible. It can wirelessly connect directly to a PC, Apple Mac, Tablet or Phone.

Use in combination with other Smart Wireless Sensors or loggers in the EasySense range.

One smart Wireless Sensor to capture multi range Voltage, Current, Resistance and Power.


1x (1130) Wireless Smart Voltage & Current Sensor

1x (3021) Mini USB Lead

Sensor Ranges:

Range Name Value Resolution Accuracy
Voltage -1V to +1V
Voltage -2V to +2V
Voltage -5V to +5V
Voltage -10V to +10V
Voltage -12V to +12V
Current -0.1A to +0.1A
Current -1A to +1A

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Wireless Smart Voltage & Current Sensor
Order No. : 1130

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