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This adaptor is used in conjunction with the Oxygen Electrode to form the dual range Oxygen sensor, capable of measuring oxygen levels in air, or dissolved oxygen levels in water.


  • Photosynthesis
  • Cell respiration
  • Enzyme activity


  • Oxygen levels during breathing


  • Ecosystem monitoring
  • The effect of temperature on Oxygen levels
  • Water quality


See the Oxygen Pack (3130PK) for the complete sensor.


The Oxygen sensor (this adaptor used in conjunction with the oxygen electrode) requires setting up prior to use - allow at least 30 minutes to polarise, then the sensor can be calibrated easily either for use in air or in water. For details of calibration, see the user manual available from the Resources tab.

Hint: Use a magnetic stirrer when using the oxygen sensor in a beaker of water, to keep the water flowing gently past the sensor.

Note: If using pH, Oxygen and Conductivity sensors in the same solution at the same time, they can interfere with each other's signals. Keep the sensors as far apart as possible, or take readings using one sensor at a time.


Oxygen in Air: 0 to 25%
Dissolved Oxygen: 0 to 125% DO2 Sat.

Available Resources

Downloads Oxygen Electrolyte Data Sheet
Doc No.: 3131 | Issue: 1
Downloads Oxygen Sensor Manual
Doc No.: DS025 | Issue: 5

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