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Measure Oxygen in Air with this solid state sensor.

Oxygen in Air sensor measures the partial pressure of oxygen (ppO2) and converts it to an oxygen concentration. It has temperature and barometric pressure compensation which ensures accurate oxygen concentration readings and enables use over a wide environmental range.

Unlike electrochemical sensors, this sensor is non-depleting which gives a maintenance free lifetime of around 5 years.

Once exhausted, the sensor can be returned to Data Harvest to have the sensing element replaced (charges apply).

Applications Include:


  • O2 levels in inhaled and exhaled air
  • Changes in environmental atmosphere
  • Changes in photosynthesising plants
  • Change in Oxygen levels over respiring organisms

This sensor is not for use in liquid. For aquatic applications use the Dissolved O2 Pack (3130PK)

Sensor Ranges:

Range Name Value Resolution Accuracy
O2 0 to 25%
ppO2 0 to 300
ppm 0 to 250000


1x Oxygen in Air Sensor


Available Resources

Downloads Oxygen in air manual
Doc No.: ds0152 | Issue: 1

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