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This is the Conductivity adaptor only. It must be used together with a Conductivity electrode.

The Smart Q Conductivity adapter enables a Conductivity electrode to be connected to an EasySense data logging unit. The EasySense data logging unit will detect when the Conductivity adapter is connected and which of the ranges it is set to.

The Smart Q Conductivity Sensor is used to measure the conductivity of a solution.

The Conductivity electrode is a simple epoxy-bodied carbon (graphite plate) type selected for its durability in fi eld use. It is ideal for measuring salinity and changes in conductivity of a water sample. It can be used by chemists for investigating the difference between ionic and molecular compounds in an aqueous solution.


0 to 100 µS, 0 to 1 mS, 0 to 10 mS, 0 to 100 mS

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Downloads Conductivity Sensor Manual
Doc No.: DS035 | Issue: 5
Order No. : 3135

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