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Measures the absolute pressure of the system it is connected to. Range of 0 – 700kPa making it ideal for Boyle’s law. Single port absolute pressure.

Boyles law graph image
Teaching applications:
  • Boyles law (PV)
  • Gay – Lussac’s law (PT)

Rate of reaction graph image
Extension and advanced ideas:
  • Grip testing
  • Depth of water
  • Changes in air pressure

With the port left open the Sensor will display the value for atmospheric pressure (average 101.325 kPa). External diameters of the ports are tapered from 4.0 to 4.3 mm. Use with flexible tubing 3.0 to 3.5 mm internal diameter. These Sensors are not suitable for use with flammable gases.

  • Referenced to a pre calibrated vacuum zero
  • Gives the absolute pressure relative to a fixed zero
  • Temperature compensation of electronics


0 to 700 kPa (Resolution 0.3 kPa)
0 to 100 psi (Resolution 0.1 psi)

Available Resources

Downloads Gas Pressure Sensor Manual
Doc No.: DS030 | Issue: 4

Teaching Materials

Boyles law (Chemistry (14-18) eBook)
Boyle’s law relates the volume and pressure of a fixed mass of air kept at constant temperature. Very simple, reliable demonstration using a pressure sensor and a syringe.

View Worksheet Chemistry (14-18) eBook
The big squeeze (pressure in sealed vessel) (Physics (14-18) : Light, Sound & Pressure eBook)
This is a nice, simple, experiment that teaches about the relationship between volume and pressure in a fun way. It can be easily extended to make a teaching experiment about controlling variables in an experiment to produce fair data.

View Worksheet Physics (14-18) : Light, Sound & Pressure eBook
What happens to temperature of gas if pressure is changed (Physics (14-18) : Light, Sound & Pressure eBook)
The investigation uses a fast temperature sensor threaded into a syringe, as the syringe plunger is pushed in or out the sensor records any change in temperature.

View Worksheet Physics (14-18) : Light, Sound & Pressure eBook
Boyles Law (Physics (14-18) : Light, Sound & Pressure eBook)
In this investigation the snapshot mode of sensing science laboratory is used to collect the pressure information for a fixed mass of gas that is being compressed in volume. The function wizard is then used to produce the graph of P vs. 1/V .

View Worksheet Physics (14-18) : Light, Sound & Pressure eBook
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