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Explore the nature and strengths of magnetic fields.

Explore the nature and strengths of magnetic fields of solenoids and permanent magnets with this robust sensor which houses two switchable Hall effect transducers to measure accurately both Radial and Axial magnetic fields.

Magnet through coil experiment
Teaching applications:
  • Magnetic field in a coil
  • Magnetic field in a Slinky Spring
  • Magnetic field of magnets
  • Magnetic field of a solenoid
  • Variation of field vs. current

Magnetic Field Graph
Extension and advanced ideas:
  • Mapping a magnetic field
  • Exploring electromagnets
  • Transformers
  • Inductance and phase


±100 mT radial & axial (Resolution 0.1 mT)

Available Resources

Downloads Magnetic Field Sensor Manual
Doc No.: DS032 | Issue: 4

Teaching Materials

How does the magnetic field strength vary with current? (Physics (14-18) : Electricity & Heat eBook)
Uses an ac power supply to provide a constantly changing current Using the ac power supply gives multiple repeats of the same experiment .

View Worksheet Physics (14-18) : Electricity & Heat eBook
Order No. : 3172

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