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Measure speed of sound through air and other materials.

The difficulty of recording the speed of sound in solids with tradition sound sensors has been with the positioning of the sensors on the test surface, involving clamp stands, sticky tape and pieces of modelling clay. The SmartQ Stethoscope sensor has a shape that allows the sensor to be placed directly onto the surface, no additional apparatus is required.

The bell structure of the Stethoscope sensor is more effective in isolating the sounds being recorded from the environment and makes collection of the data simple and repeatable. See Resources for sensor documentation that comes complete with tested experiments and advice on how to use the sensor.

The speed of sound pack contains 2 Stethoscope Sensors (Product number 3176). The Stethoscope sensor has a diaphragm held onto the sounding bell by a screw ring. For the speed of sound experiments the diaphragm is removed. The filtered ranges contain a low pass filter which allows low frequency sounds but removes some high frequency sounds. They can be used to removing ambient noise that maybe triggering data collection or making the start point of a noise difficult to determine.


2x (3176) Stethoscope Sensors

Available Resources

Downloads Speed of sound manual with experiments
Doc No.: DS090 | Issue: 3

Teaching Materials

Speed of sound In air With stethoscope sensor (Physics (14-18) : Light, Sound & Pressure eBook)
This is a variation of the two sound sensor measurement practical. It uses two electronic stethoscope sensors as sound detectors.

View Worksheet Physics (14-18) : Light, Sound & Pressure eBook
Speed of sound through a liquid using Stethoscope sensors. (Physics (14-18) : Light, Sound & Pressure eBook)
The experiments described in the practical sheets use a method not dissimilar to the one used by William Derham in late 17th early 18th century.

View Worksheet Physics (14-18) : Light, Sound & Pressure eBook
Speed of sound through a solid (using a Stethoscope sensor) (Physics (14-18) : Light, Sound & Pressure eBook)
the flat surface of the stethoscope makes them ideal for placing onto the flat surfaces of table tops, floors, doors, glass windows. Measurement of speed of sound is by time difference, As a bonus the stethoscope does show the sound hallmark of the material.

View Worksheet Physics (14-18) : Light, Sound & Pressure eBook
Order No. : 3179

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