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Timing mats are pressure sensitive switches designed to be activated as you step on and off the mat. These are the larger of the two sizes of mats that are available. They are door mat sized (approx. 720 mm long by 390 mm wide).

A favourite activity for younger children is to find out how long they can stay in the air when they jump. 

Kids jumping from one timing mat to another
Teaching applications:
  • Introducing computer based timing
  • How long do I stay in the air when jumping
  • How fast do I run, hop or skip
  • How many jumps / steps in minute
  • Speed of a bicycle
Extension and advanced ideas:
  • Foot operated trigger
  • Terminate in a mini din socket (connect via the sensor lead supplied with the logger)
  • Digital switch-type sensors
  • Can be used singly or as a pair for timing and event monitoring connected to timing ports A and B
  • If used outside they will need protection from sharp objects
  • Sensitivity decreased if used under floor coverings e.g. carpet


Set of two (720 x 390 mm)

Available Resources

Downloads Timing Mats Sensor Manual
Doc No.: DS060 | Issue: 3

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Timing Mats (pair) - Large
Order No. : 3256

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