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Detects alpha, beta and gamma radiation. 

Consists of a Geiger Muller tube, counter and a steel rod for fixing to a suitable clamp.

No additional power supply is required, power comes from the data logger.

Teaching applications:
  • Radiation in enclosed spaces due to natural Radon Radioactive half-life Activity of different radioactive sources Radioactive penetration through different materials Effect of distance from radioactive source

  • 3.5 mm Jack plug connector on GM to counting module
  • Steel support rod
  • Alpha / Beta cap
  • Reset button on counting module
  • Audible beep on GM tube
  • Power indicator on GM tube


0 to 500 counts per sec
0 to 5,000 counts per 10 sec
0 to 10,000 counts per min
0 to 65,535 open count
0 to 100% pulse output

Available Resources

Downloads Geiger Muller Sensor Manual
Doc No.: DS034 | Issue: 5
Order No. : 3265

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