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This accessories kit extends the use of the Rotary Motion sensor and comprises of the Pendulum Rod, the Angular Momentum Disk Set and the Linear Rack.

  • The Pendulum Rod - an aluminium rod with two adjustable ring masses and fixing screw. Can be used with or without the masses to perform pendulum and rotational inertia investigations.
  • The Angular Momentum disc set - two aluminium discs. Used to study rotational inertia and conservation of angular momentum.
  • The Linear Rack - a 250 mm plastic rack with mini c-clamp. Used to measure linear motion for the length of the rack for accurate displacement measurements. The c-clamp is for attaching a SmartQ Sensor to the rack so the position of the sensor can be recorded as it is moved in an investigation e.g. the Light sensor in a Young's single and double slit experiments or a Magnetic Field sensor while plotting field strength versus distance.
  • Pendulum studies
  • Conservation of angular momentum
  • Rotational inertia – using the discs
  • Circular movement – using the discs
  • Linear motion – using the linear rack and Light sensor e.g. inverse square law
Chemistry and Biology:
  • Linear movement e.g. gas syringe plunger movement


1x Pendulum Rod & 2x Adjustable Masses
1x Angular Momentum Disc Set
1x Linear Rack

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Rotary Motion Accessory Kit
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