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Measures wind speed.

This pack contains an Anemometer and Count Tachometer adaptor

The Anemometer is constructed using a high quality ball bearing, stainless steel hardware, UV stable plastic, and durable anodized aluminium hemispherical cups that are weight matched. The Anemometer uses a double contact reed switch, so counts twice for each complete rotation

The Count/Tachometer adaptor counts electrical pulses (the number of times a change in a digital signal occurs). What it counts will depend on the device attached to the adaptor.

he adaptor has 11 ranges, two of which are calibrated for use with this Anemometer to record wind speed in either m/s or mph. Wind speed must be at least 1 m/s (2 mph) to achieve start up speed.


Anemometer on bird table with rain gauge
Teaching applications:
  • Weather
  • Air speed

Pack Contents
Pack Contents:
  • 3297 Anemometer
  • 3296 Count/Tachometer Adaptor



1x (3297) Anemometer
1x (3296) Count/Tachometer adaptor

Available Resources

Downloads Count Tachometer Sensor Manual
Doc No.: DS104 | Issue: 1
Downloads Anemometer Sensor Manual
Doc No.: DS106 | Issue: 1

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Anemometer Pack
Order No. : 3297PK

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