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This Conductivity electrode is used with a Conductivity adapter to measure the conductivity of a solution

Requires Conductivity Adaptor

The Conductivity electrode is manufactured from epoxy and has graphite plate electrodes. This construction offers good durability in field use. It is ideal for measuring salinity and changes in conductivity of a water sample. The sensor cannot identify the specific ions that are present, but can be used to determine the total concentration of ions in a sample.

Teaching applications:
  • Ionic studies
  • Titrations
  • Polar non polar solutions
Extension and advanced ideas:
  • Diffusion across membranes
  • Diffusion across membranes
  • Use analytical water to maintain and wash electrode
  • Non polar solvents e.g. pentane, hexane will damage the electrode
  • Built -in automatic temperature compensation. Cell constant tolerance: ±20%


For use with Conductivity Adaptor (3135)

Available Resources

Downloads Conductivity Sensor Manual
Doc No.: DS035 | Issue: 5
Order No. : 3136

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