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This Switch kit has been designed for use with the Timing Ramp (3842) 

The Kit has 2 Switches, each connected to a lead that ends with a mini-din plug, a magnet and 2 sticky pads. The Switches are magnetic proximity switches which fit into two holes (4mm diameter) in the ramp. The Switches connect to the timing inputs (A and B) on a Data Harvest logger.

Teaching applications:

  • Basic dynamics
  • Time from A to B
  • Speed / Velocity between A and B
  • Acceleration A to B

Magnet supplied is ceramic, faced polarity (not end polarity)

Compatible with all SmartQ sensor Data Harvest loggers. 

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Downloads Switch Kit for Timing Ramp
Doc No.: DS108 | Issue: 2

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Switch Kit for Timing Ramp
Order No. : 3841

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