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The FREE 5 minutes activites are a collection of scientific investigations which involve logging for short time periods with a range of different sensors.


The short duration of the investigations will allow more time for evaluating recorded data using the tools and features of the EasySense software at different levels. An ideal resouse for inset training! 

  • Temperature race (2 x Temperature)
  • Cooling effect of evaporation (2 x Temperature)
  • Transparent, translucent and opaque (1 x Light Level)
  • Muffling sound (1 x Sound); Find the body! (1 x Infrared)
  • Thermal imaging (1 x Infrared)
  • Testing for acidity (1 x pH sensor)
  • Chemistry and fizzy sweets (1 x Temperature)
  • Cola and Alka Seltzer reaction (1 x pH sensor)
  • Pulse (1 x Heart rate)
  • Armchair gymnastics (1 x Heart rate)
  • The chocolate effect! (1 x Heart rate)
  • Breathing (1 x Oxygen sensor); Sweating (1 x Humidity)
  • Transpiration: Water loss from plants (1 x Humidity)
  • Reaction Times (2 x Push button switches)
  • Hit the brakes! (1 x Push button switch & 1 x Timing mat)
  • Timing cars (2 x Light gates)
  • Measuring speeds on a runway (1 x Light gates)
  • Acceleration due to gravity (1 x Light gate)
  • Dynamo effect (1 x Voltage & 1 x Wire Coil)
  • Dropping a magnet through a wire coil (1 x Voltage or Current & 1 x Wire Coil)
  • Walk this way! (1 x Motion sensor)
  • Measuring the speed of sound in air (1 x Motion & 1 x Temperature)
  • Heart rate and exercise (Polar Heart rate exercise sensor).

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5 Minute Activities 5 Minute Activities
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