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These worksheets are designed to work with the new practical skills assessment for GCSEs in England.


Written to show how data logging can, and should, be incorporated into the practical skills.

In many cases there will be a gain in efficiency by adopting a data logging practical, for example using multiple modern dynamics systems and low friction trolleys with a data logger to replace a single air track or old heavy wooden ramps and ticker timers.



  • Specific Heat Capacity
  • Investigating the effectiveness of different materials as thermal insulators
  • nvestigating the factors that may affect the thermal insulation properties of a material
  • How does the resistance of a wire depend upon its length?
  • How does the resistance of a wire depend upon its diameter? 
  • V – I characteristics: Filament lamp and resistor 
  • V – I characteristics: LED and diode 
  • Acceleration (1): Using two Light gates, constant mass varying force 
  • Acceleration (1a): Using one Light gate, constant mass varying force
  • Using one Light gate, constant mass varying force 
  • Waves
  • Radiation



  • Neutralisation 
  • Temperature changes
  • Temperature changes: Alternative (1 a) A thermometric titration 
  • Temperature changes: Alternative (1b) A displacement reaction 
  • Rates of reaction 



  • Enzymes: Effect of pH on the rate of protease digestion of milk powder protein 
  • Investigating the effect of light on photosynthesis 
  • Reaction times 

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